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Auto Dealer/Fleet

Case Study

When it comes to auto dealerships and car wash systems, one of the main advantages is to increase CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index). The key being that car washes do more than simply wash cars at a car dealership. Car wash systems create opportunities for increasing profits as well based on different methods of utilization. Additional advantages include:

Reinforce positive branding
Keep customers happy
Increase revenue
Attract new customers to the dealership

As detailed in Professional Carwashing & Detailing magazine:

“Initially, auto dealerships added automated carwashes to their sites as a way to drive up their Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) scores, according to Bill Hoaglin with D&S Car Wash Equipment Co. Early adopter businesses were also looking for ways to set their locations apart from other dealerships that did not offer carwash services. CSI scores from surveys dictate how dealerships receive discounts, benefits from the manufacturer and pay plans for service managers and service writers,” Hoaglin reveals.”