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Car Wash Renovations

Case Study

Renovating or remodeling your car wash business presents many challenges but can literally change the face of your operation (plus vastly improve your profit hitting the bottom line). Let’s first discuss two key factors when it comes to renovating a cash wash operation:

  • First, will the renovation be more of a remodel whereby the “guts” (equipment, machines, etc.) will not be touched or upgraded — or will the renovation be more involved?
  • Second, will you have an active business operating DURING construction or will you close (such as during an off season period) for the renovation process?

Regardless of the answers to the above questions, renovating an existing car wash can dramatically affect both the revenue and bottom line of an operation. One major plus that many owners miss is that a car wash renovation offers the option of delivering a fresh, up-to-date and enticing appearance that when done correctly, will bring in more car wash cycles (aka, “new customers”).

There are several areas where owners can focus in on when it comes to increasing curb appeal including signage, exterior finishes, lighting, landscape, as well as convenience features. Other car wash renovations can take advantage of the benefits of adding pay-waxes and value-added services such as tire shine, waxing and other profitable add-ons to tunnel systems. Items such as this, when possible without retrofitting, are simple low-cost enhancements to the car wash products offerings when customers drive up to make their car washing decisions.

When it comes to signage, exterior, lighting and more of those items that comprise “curb appeal,” it is not surprising that many owners lose sight of the fact that many customers want their car wash business to look and feel like they want their vehicle to be — clean, polished and state-of-the-art — and this is especially true for new customers.

Regardless of what will be included in a car wash renovation, these types of projects (like any construction project), can quickly become expensive and time-consuming. Often a car wash operator will try to keep their business running during construction or at least as long as possible, so actively operational while under construction. There are pros and cons of weighing this option and only a turnkey car wash firm such as Turnkey Automotive Solutions, can help determine what option is most effective based on the specifics of each unique situation.

Separately, for larger scale projects, assembling the best construction team possible prior to “breaking ground” means getting all players on the same page, such as designer, general contractor, architect, civil engineer and others in order to streamline the project as much as possible — resulting in the most affordable budget while also minimizing the amount of time required to complete the project.

As with any renovation project, there will typically be more questions than answers as everything gets started. For this reason, making sure you have an experienced team of professionals leading the way is key to future success.