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Car Wash Retrofits & Reloads

Case Study

There are a lot of reasons to retrofit your car wash, but the decision has to be right for you. Create an annual checklist to evaluate where you are at, and consider aspects like: What are my competitors offering? What’s new and exciting in wash equipment? How can I make my car wash more efficient? Am I providing a great car wash experience, and if I’m not, what can I do to get there?

As a carwash owner, you’ve likely been working with the same car wash equipment for many years. If your equipment is old and outdated, it might be time for an upgrade. Not only will retrofitting your facility allow you to maximize your ROI while making the most of what you already have, it’s a great opportunity to reinvent your car wash. You know that ‘new car smell’ we all love so much? An upgrade will offer customers a new, exciting experience for your customers, and reignite the passion you first felt as a car wash owner. It’s that new car feeling all over again!

Retrofit your car wash equipment with TAS. As a leading provider of car wash solutions for many years, please feel free to contact us today to discuss what option will work best for you.

TAS makes it easy to bring your car wash business up to speed with our modern, efficient, high-performance systems. Upgrading your car wash will mean higher customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and an increased ROI. Click the button below and fill out a form to learn more about our Direct Exchange Hydraulic Retrofitting options.