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Existing Ops

Case Study

“Existing Ops” (Existing Operators) know first-hand what it takes to run a car wash business. They typically know the industry, different product options available along with industry trends. We work with many different types of existing ops, some stand-alone operators, others auto dealerships with multiple car washes and others multi-location car wash owners.

One key assumption that those new to the car wash industry may make, is one that an existing owner knows never to be true — that being, “Good Equipment Alone Cleans Cars”. Each complete car wash requires a combination of multiple successful processes and “ingredients” to complete a fully effective car wash cycle. Just defining the different components helps to clarify just some of those ingredients such as water, plumbing, conveyor, multiple equipment components, numerous chemicals, computerized controllers and software — just to name some of the basics. Prepping, Selecting All Equipment and Chemicals, Installing, Testing and Maintaining is literally a 24-hour process (especially for a wash that runs 24 hours per day).

TAS’ focus has always been to deliver wide-scale satisfaction on a daily basis to our car wash clients. Retaining clients requires accessibility, preparation, planning and tenacity — always being available when our existing ops need coverage.