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Commercial Car Wash Products

Commercial Car Wash Products

Turnkey Automotive Solutions leads the commercial car wash industry and pride ourselves on being, “Your Commercial Car Wash Expert” delivering a vast suite of car wash products and turnkey car wash solutions for your car wash operations. We offer some of the most comprehensive commercial car wash solutions in the vehicle care industry. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your car wash product needs.

Featured Brands

Mark VII

Motor City Wash Works

Turtle Wax Pro

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Motor City Wash Works

<h3>Tunnel Systems</h3>

Turtle Wax® Pro


Rinse Systems

Spot-free Rinse Systems

Xtreme Environment Systems

Self-serve systems

Reject Recovery Systems

Window Rinse System

Auto Dealer Systems

PurClean – Lot Master Systems


Water Recovery Systems

1- PUR Water – Water Recovery Systems

PurWater – PW300-5M SERIES (90 GPM)

PurWater – PW350-5M SERIES (90 GPM)

PurWater – PW400-5M SERIES (90 GPM)

4-H2O Laundry Care Systems

Point of Sale / Kiosks / Payments



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