Turnkey Automotive Solutions Delivers Full-Scale, Turnkey Car Wash Products

NORRISTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA, April 27, 2015 – The car wash industry continues to grow via many business sectors and incorporate newer, greener technologies and Turnkey Automotive Solutions, Incorporated is now serving the $9 billion dollar market while focusing on its base market in the Philadelphia tri-state region.  Today, Turnkey Automotive Solutions, Incorporated (also known as “TAS”) announces the launch of an innovative new full-service business operation delivering all aspects of commercial car wash products, installation and support for customers.  The TAS team, led by commercial construction industry veteran, John Tahtabrounian, is excited to make the announcement and continue to serve existing and new customers such as car dealerships, stand-alone entrepreneurs, full-service gas stations and other related parties.  “We have been involved with many of the premier automobile dealers in the country and now with TAS coming online, we have the ability to deliver full-scale, turnkey car wash solutions that continue to be in heavy demand within the industry.”

Turnkey Automotive Solutions launches new full-service, comprehensive commercial carwash solutions including design, build, install and support to serve the $9 billion dollar growing car wash industry.  The move expands on Turnkey Automotive Solutions’ existing automobile dealership relationships in the commercial construction industry to span across multiple sectors to meet the rapid and disruptive demands such as green technologies spreading across the car wash industry.

Turnkey Automotive Solutions (TAS) is a leading provider of commercial car wash systems, chemicals, installation, design and support.  We are a preferred Mark VII carwash service provider. Building and managing a car wash operation is a complicated process. TAS builds on our vast construction experience to deliver full-scale car wash solutions.  Many of our clients are major car dealerships handling the likes of BMW, Ford, Chevrolet and other top industry leaders.