Turnkey Automotive Solutions Incorporated is a full service general contracting and construction management services company. The professional services offered by Turnkey Automotive Solutions reflect our broad scope of expertise.

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Turnkey Automotive Solutions Incorporated is a full service general contracting and construction management services company. Our senior staff has unique commercial experience which results in a truly cost-effective solution for any of your construction-related projects. We also invite you to contact us to learn more about our high performance “Green” approach to quality, energy-efficient construction.The professional services offered by Turnkey Automotive Solutions reflect our broad scope of expertise. Whether you are looking to acquire your next real estate investment, reposition an existing property or embark on new construction, we deliver the services and resources you need to complete the project in a cost-conscious, time-effective and quality-driven manner.

Make Your Next Project the Best It Can Be…
Our experienced team is committed to providing you with the creativity, reliability, safety and value you are looking for in the development and construction of your next structure.

With the many different facets involved in construction projects, choosing a construction firm can be a daunting task. Turnkey Automotive Solutions has been delivering superior results for over a decade and we know that it’s our job to minimize risk for you, our client. Whether you need a simple office build-out, redesign of corporate offices, or a ground-up construction project completed, our years of experience and finely-tuned construction management methods make sure that we deliver on time and on budget.When considering the design-build process, rather than following the traditional design-bid-build process, you get a seamless delivery method that reduces risk through single-source accountability and delivery. Our clients choose Turnkey Automotive Solutions as their single source for their design-build projects.

Why is Design-Build a More Efficient Solution?

  • You get an early cost input from the contractor on conceptual design ideas.
  • A Guaranteed Maximum Price can be determined early, right after project scope is established and schematic drawings are completed.
  • Time can be saved due to potential for parallel tracking of certain processes.
  • The propensity for high cost change orders is minimized or even eliminated.
  • Construction can begin while design is being put in place.
  • The risks are minimized throughout the entire process and that leads to lower costs and faster delivery for our clients.

TAS’s unique design-build process and our ability to customize projects based on the complexity and need for cost-effective and highly functional buildings has yielded unmatched results for our clients. Turnkey Automotive Solutions’s reputation is based on reliability, experience, thoroughness and personal attention to our clients’ needs – and in the highly competitive general contracting and construction field, these are critical traits that a construction company must possess in order to deliver the results that you expect.

Turnkey Automotive Solutions has a full range of construction capabilities including project management, field supervision, and the ability to self-perform work. Our construction professionals have worked with numerous architects and engineers, as well as those in-house, delivering high value construction as a design-build team on hundreds of projects. With this depth of experience, TAS can offer price commitments early in the design process and the fast-tracking of construction schedules – saving our clients both time and money.TAS’s own in-house crew of building professionals are able to deliver self-performing work on general and interior construction projects, ensuring the quality and timely completion of all work. Few companies can compete with TAS when it comes to providing a better control of quality and coordination along with meeting budget requirements. This also provides TAS with the capability to perform “fast-track” work with our own staff, as well as to consistently adhere to safety and quality procedures.

Additionally, one niche that our clients continue to call on TAS for is our experience at working in occupied spaces, minimizing interference to operations and limiting downtime of business operations.

The staff at Turnkey Automotive Solutions provides Construction Management services for all types of construction projects. This type of service is integral to a successful project completion and includes but is not limited to the following types of services: Design-Build and Coordination with the Architect on initial design — Pre-construction Services — Subcontractor Bid Evaluations — and Bid Awards.Owner Representation

Once your drawings are finalized, TAS acts on your behalf to expedite the plans through all appropriate public agencies. We work to make the approval process seamless and as favorable to your interests as possible.

Construction Management

During construction, TAS is regularly on-site to monitor progress, talk to contractors and offer suggestions to make sure that your project is moving forward according to plan. We help facilitate communication among every project team member, anticipate potential problems and take decisive action when necessary. Our hands-on approach means we pay close attention to the day-to-day issues that ultimately dictate the project’s success.

TAS institutes strict cost and quality control measures during the construction phase of every project we manage. By serving as a “checks and balances,” we not only make sure that your project is completed on time, but also that the final product meets your standards and budgetary criteria. We carefully review every invoice to confirm that what is being paid reflects the work that was agreed upon, as well as the work that has actually been completed. Change orders are checked for their accuracy and necessity, and our “schedule of values” approach dictates that payments are made only when costs are actually incurred.

Every day on a project represents valuable time and money — that is why Turnkey Automotive Solutions makes sure your project advances in a realistic, logical and aggressive manner from start to finish.

Turnkey Automotive Solutions’s experienced in-house staff of building professionals work together to make sure that a project is truly coordinated before even early stage construction or demolition begins. Our project planning and management specialists handle all aspects of a construction project from in-house project management, including space planning and technical schematics through architecture endeavors to full on-site project management for even the smallest of jobs. These skills are critical in ensuring the quality and timely completion of any project successfully. From full coordination with our team of design and construction professionals to code reviews and coordination with permitting agencies, our job is never done until the project is completed.Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality result at the most reasonable cost, within the specified time frame – but that’s not all. Our job is to protect you — our client — during the the vast and complicated process that makes up a construction project. TAS is skilled at analyzing architectural designs, CAD plans, and value engineering, allowing our clients to keep costs in line without sacrificing the original objective.



Mr. Tahtabrounian founded Turnkey Automotive Solutions as a full-scale spin-off from Oliver
Construction, Incorporated, his highly successful commercial construction company established nearly 20 years ago. Mr. Tahtabrounian brings to TAS over 30 years of National and Regional Sales experience plus extensive operational expertise covering multiple industries.

Mr. Tahtabrounian’s primary responsibility at TAS is Business Development, Strategic Planning,Marketing, and Operations.

Member of:
Design Build Institute of America
International Carwash Association
National Association of the Remodeling Industry
U. S. Green Building Council
Urban Land Institute


Director of Operations and Services

Nate Gagnon, partner, is the Director of Operations and Services who collaborates with car wash investors, owners and operators to maintain and grow their professional car wash businesses. After spending over seventeen years in car wash industry in positions ranging from an entry level equipment technician to sales, management and then all the way to an entrepreneur himself, Nate knows what
separates him from the all the rest and has helped mold Turnkey Automotive Solutions in that model – his customers are his partners. Nate and Turnkey are only as successful as their customers are and those relationships are vitally important.

Nate is a factory certified technician for Motor City Wash Works, Mark ViII Equipment, Belanger, and PDQ and has installed and/or serviced all equipment brands and business models. He has extensive experience working with major oil companies, multi-site operators, single site owner/operators, and new investors and demonstrates an understanding of the unique needs of each. Nate has traveled
throughout the country as a manufacturer’s consultant to assist other distributors with technical or installation issues. He has also worked on equipment in seventeen states across the US which gives him an exclusive viewpoint on trends beyond this region. Mr. Gagnon’s vast industry experience in the commercial car wash industry have been in the roles of service, operation and sales management giving him a unique understanding of market trends, customer and equipment needs, and extensive regional knowledge.

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